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Protecting Your Rights Before Judge And Jury

Has an insurance company’s lack of cooperation, after your serious accident injury, caused you to resort to a jury trial for the outcome you deserve?

Has a disagreement about a business contract become so contentious that commercial litigation is unavoidable?

Skilled civil litigation attorney Desmond L. Cooks has successfully and aggressively advocated for a broad range of clients in Texas civil courts.

During Mr. Cooks’ almost 10 years of practice, his proven strengths in prosecuting premises liability claims, landlord-tenant disputes and business disputes between competitors, partners and shareholders have translated to a recognized reputation for positive results in Dallas and throughout the region.

Where justice is served.

Desmond L. Cooks is an experienced lawyer who excels at investigation of your claim, thorough case preparation, persuasive negotiations with opposing counsel and forceful litigation against them when precious rights must be protected.

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