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If a legal crisis caused by a serious accident, business dispute or criminal arrest has interrupted your life, Dallas attorney Desmond L. Cooks has the years of experience, commitment to excellence and attentive personal service that protect your rights.

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Desmond L. Cooks is the versatile lawyer who can handle your personal injury claim or business contract dispute — in and out of the courtroom. He excels at achieving negotiated and litigated outcomes for a broad range of clients in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Did a negligent, careless, distracted or drunk driver cause an accident that seriously injured you or claimed the life of a loved one? You have rights that must be protected. Cooks Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to obtaining the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

A criminal conviction can put you behind bars, drain your finances with heavy fines and create a record that follows you everywhere. When you need to fight serious charges and avoid these harsh punishments, Desmond L. Cooks fights right alongside you, every step of the way.

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